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Western Klondike Solitaire
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Western Klondike Solitaire

Western Klondike SolitaireA classic game of Klondike solitaire in the old West. No time limit, just relaxed gameplay.

In the top left, there's the deck. When you click the top card, the three top cards are taken off and placed face-up next to the deck. You can then drag these onto another stack. By clicking the deck again, new cards are revealed.

The four empty slots on the top right are the stacks where you want all the cards to be in the end. These stacks need to be grouped by suit and sorted from low to high, starting with an Ace. You win the game when all four stacks are completed with their respective King.

The seven stacks at the bottom are for temporary card storage. You can form stacks of cards here, as long as you take these three rules into account: Stacks need to be from high to low. Cards in the stack need to have alternating colors. Only Kings can be placed on empty slots.

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